Terms & Conditions


1. All in city deliveries will be charged a minimum $35.00 delivery fee except is certain cases.

     a. Where the Value of the order is $250.00 or more shipping is Free

     b. Where the Item has free shipping clearly posted

     c. Any Items shipped out of the Province of Alberta, Canada will be billed Fed Ex COD rates 

2. If any goods arrive defective or damaged they will be exchanged for a new one from the supplier immediately.

    This will be done using normal post freight (Ground Freight) for the least cost method.


3. If the Customer is still not satisfied they can ship it to us and a refund will be issued (less the Freight Costs) and a $ 25.00 restocking fee.


4. Special order unique items not on the page will incur all item costs, freight, shipping, duty exchange and taxes paid in advance or they will not get ordered or shipped.

Services & Rebuilds

1. A Warrantee Period of 1 years applies to all Services and Appraisals (Except Tunings).

2. Mechanical Rebuild work has a Warrantee for a period of 2 years from date of Invoice.

3. Complete Piano Rebuilding Has a Warrantee Period of 5 Years.

4. All Complete Piano Rebuilding is Guaranteed to contain 90% brand new parts (The case is the other 10%). If my Furniture refinisher does a complete case then the Piano is 100% covered.

5. Warrantee terms are not transferrable with a sale or gifting to a third party.

6. Special Unique Antique Items have no warrantee due to

  1. in most cases the piano does not get rebuilt with replacement parts as they do not exist

    b. they contain non-standard style actions and designs that parts are no longer made for.

    c. they lack a full steel plate making them unstable designs

    d. if undertaken Custom Fabricated parts have to be made 1 at a time.

    e. they will never perform as a 19th Century Piano even after rebuild.

This category of pianos includes (Square Grand Pianos, Upright French or English Bird Cage Pianos, Oblique Cased Grand Pianos, Harpsichords).

Exceptions that will Void Warrantee on Service or Rebuilds.

a. Piano is failed to be tuned every 6-8 months during the Warrantee Period.

b. Piano is exposed to the element of nature including but not limited to (Water/ Flooding, Freezing/ No Heat, Fire/ Baking, Earth Quake, Building Collapse Tornado or Twister, Being drooped either vertically or horizontally)

c. Piano is materially altered by human intervention. (This means the placing of objects whether deliberate or accidental inside the Piano) or (the retention of a non-accredited technician).

E Mail and Data Policy:

Gary's Piano Tuning retains your data for the sole purpose of servicing your Account and delivery purposes. ANY CLIENT who does not wish to be on seasonal tuning mailers, offers mailers or Account services may at any time request a complete deletion of their data by E mail.

All data is held on a secure server and will not be sold used or leveraged to any third parties as we all dislike spam. Gary's Piano Tuning and only this company has access to information.

Order information is managed here and I create the supplier orders this guarantees client privacy.