What the Customer needs to Know.


             If you truly love your piano and believe it to be everything that it should be rebuilding may be an option for you. This must be decided by a client based on sound quality desired, sentimentality and finally the core of the instrument still having good life left in it.

Rebuilding should not be undertaken lightly or on a utilitarian basis, while a masterfully rebuilt piano can outperform the average piano it has it’s costs in Parts, labour and Finally the time in the shop.

Even though at this point I may lose a client out of respect and professionalism I must state

For a utilitarian purpose there are cheaper new options that should always be considered” 

When a rebuild becomes a worth more than creatable lifespan or overly  onerous in cost it is unwise to proceed. 

If the “Bones” of a old piano are good then rebuilding is an option. Good structure, soundboard, bridges, pin block and case are usually the minimum starting point. Make Sure a Detailed Cost and Job Price are done first then compare this to the Equal Quality New Piano.




Gary J Jolly

Piano Technician

Thank you for your time.