Strings are the pitch and sound generators in every piano

Complete Piano Restringing

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These Equal  This

The Foundation of every good piano is a superior set of strings

Strings are the sound generators of a Piano when they do age and the Bass section Buzzes or sounds Tubby and the steel strings are rusted and tired they no longer produce that Bell like piano tone.


It is Time for Replacement


New Upright Strings starts @ $ 1950.00 + Tax

(This Includes new Damper felt)


New Grand Strings starts @ 2605.00 + Tax and up.

(This Includes new Damper felt)

Grand Restringing increases in price as the piano length goes up.


New Strings is a large undertaking and requires custom wound Bass strings and equally custom produced steel music wire. We use the best of both.


All restringing jobs include new damper felt as the old strings have seated the felt and bleeding is unavoidable on a new set, so we replace the damper felts to ensure no unwanted over tones.


Finally we top the Job off with the finest Nickel plated Tuning Pins to ensure tuning Stability. From Plate to Hammers all underlay felt and plate puching’s are replaced the stringing Job is complete.


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